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MMM i am drinking starbucks coffee and it is def. lifting me from my bad mood. i am trying to type up some stupid signs and stuff for Mrs. Say cuz she wont get off my back about doing it for her!! AHH! But i quit Main st. cafe. Well the last week of June is my last week. I am gonna be working for my mom 6 days a week! i am so excited. I will miss everyone at Main St. tho. mr. say told me that i could work whenever i want tho...even if i leave. i dont know if i will but...i will wanna visit. i love all the regulars.

My dad bought me that book of bunny suicides...,anyone seen it? it is morbidly funny..haha. its good to look thru once and then to show other peeople..i guess i will just put it on my bookshelf after that. wellll yea..

peace out


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