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I dont have time to do this cuzi gotta go to work..but i was bored so i did some..didntg think enuff
Opening credits: "Israel's Son" Silverchair
Waking up: "Wake up call" AFI
Average day: "Today is in my way" MxPx
First date: "Summertime" Sublime
Falling in love: "Nightingale" Saves the Day
Love scene:
Fight scene: "Spit it Out" Slipknot
Breaking up: "Hole in my Soul" Aerosmith
Getting back together:
Secret love: "This Ruined Puzzle" Dashboard Confessional
Life's okay: "Crash and Burn" Savage Garden
Mental breakdown: "Hurt" Nine Inch Nails
Driving: "Same in the End" Sublime
Learning a lesson:
Deep thought:
Flashback: "I Do Not want this" Nine Inch Nails
Partying: "Burn One Down" Ben Harper
Happy dance: "Anthem of the year 2000" Silverchair (funny memory of a funny dance)
Regreting: "I Miss you" Incubus
Long night alone: "Creep" Radiohead
Death scene: "Song 13" The Ataris
Closing credits: "Needle in the Hay" Elliot Smith


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